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Are you interested in a FREE Business review for your business?


What’s involved:



Step 1. A call out to your business at a convenient time where we will do a review of your business looking at area’s such as businesses financials, processes, staffing and reporting.


Step 2. As part of the review we identify what your goals are for the business.


Step 3. You can hear about some of our case studies and how they have benefited from using Solve.


Step 4. After the meeting, we send you a short business review report which will include things like, automation opportunities, a systems review and process improvements. We will also identify what many other forward thinking businesses are doing and we are not afraid to give our opinion on opportunities that we see for your business.



There is no obligation and we gain in another business learning about Solve and what we do for our clients.


If you are interested in finding out more please complete the form below and we will respond to you within 24 hours.


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Contract Flooring Supplies is a SME specialising in providing flooring solutions for the commercial building sector throughout Ireland. We work with many other small and large businesses to deliver a great end product to our customers. To drive efficiencies across our business we outsourced all our accounting requirements to SOLVE. They worked with us to put the correct systems in place to enable us to streamline our accounting processes and give us the time we needed to focus on our core business needs. Our experience with SOLVE has been extremely positive with greatly improved processes in place that benefit our team internally as well as our suppliers and customers. They are always on hand when we need them and continue to partner with us as we work to further develop and grow our business

Edmund Hyland Managing Director