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FAQ – New Clients

I already have an accountant / auditor who looks after my year end and personal income taxes. Can I keep using them for these services?

Absolutely. We work with many other accountants and auditors and for them we make everyone’s life easier. We can liaise directly with the year end accountant/auditor to deal with any accounting questions they have which stops the business owner getting dragged into trying to answer year end queries.

Many of our referrals come from other accountants who have experienced the Solve approach.

Who are your clients and what is there profile?

The majority of our clients are small to medium sized businesses with turnover ranging from €1m to €10m. The are typically businesses that are growing and looking for a accounts function solution for their business. The business owners don’t want the hassle of overseeing and managing accounting and bookkeeping staff.

So how what software do you use? Can I continue to use the same accounts software because I want to keep access to all my accounts history?

Our staff are experienced in many different accounting packages. Some businesses use industry specific software and we can work with these were required.

We don’t move clients on to a specific system, but we may make recommendation to assist their business become more efficient. The three most popular systems that we work with are Sage, Quickbooks Online and Xero.

What are the risks with outsourcing? Will I lose control over this important area of my business?

This is a really important question and needs to be looked into carefully before going down the outsourcing route.

If you have bad processes and systems and not prepared to change these, outsourcing these to a third party is not going to make your problems go away.

You need to be happy that you are outsourcing a specific set of tasks and that your outsource partner is experienced at dealing with these and can deliver what they promise.

At Solve we believe that our clients are our partners and that we are working with them to deliver a really top class service that exceeds their expectations.

Is there a long contract period?

At Solve, we don’t believe in tieing-in our clients to long service contracts. Our success is your success and a mutual trust is important between both parties. Most of our monthly plans operate on just 90 day notice.

I just want to outsource my Payroll. Can I do that?

Yes, indeed you can. We have clients who just use our payroll service.

Why Solve?

Because we are different. We don’t try and be all things to all men. The services we offer we do really well. Everything else we pass on to specialists in those areas.