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Tips on running your business better in 2022

Running a business is hard!

A common mistake we are all guilty of….. is selecting to do the things we are comfortable doing first. It’s in our human nature to do what we are good at and what we like doing. But our businesses would benefit more if we did less of these things and if we delegated more.

The benefit to us, is that we then have more time to focus, on making the improvements that we know our business could benefit from.

It’s too easy to get stuck in the weeds and we all know that the key to being successful is putting aside the time to look at our business from the helicopter view point.

Where do I start?

Find a quiet time and a quiet place. Then write down the most important things that you can do that would transform your business.

Think about your business hero ( one of mine is Richard Branson) and think… what would they do if they were in my shoes. What one thing would they do that would make a huge positive impact to my business.

Keeping score

By keeping a financial scorecard you are keeping on top of your numbers. If you are struggling with the finance area of your business… GET HELP!

Have a plan

Create a simple plan or budget of where you want to get to this time next year. Break it down my month and write down the key action points that will help you get there.

Grow or Die

If your business isn’t growing it is probably stagnating or dying. Sales is a key part of any business and even when the business is busy it is important to have a sales strategy and looking for ways to improve your selling skills.

The rich get richer

Why do you thing the rich get richer?…. it’s because they have figured out what works for them and they keep doing it.

Taking stock

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy! Don’t forget to take time to recharge and re-energise. Building success takes effort and you need to congratulate yourself on your successes. Too often we focus on our shortcomings and failures and forget to recognise our successes.

Don’t try and do everything yourself …

Management Accounts

Looking to free up your time to do something more beneficial for your business?

Interested in finding out more about outsourcing your accounts? Check out our earlier blog that talks all about the risks and benefits of outsourcing your accounts.

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