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Are you still entitled to EWSS?

In this blog, we’ll review the criteria that you must check to know when and how you should stop claiming EWSS to ensure that you don’t fall foul of revenue. At the end, you’ll also find a sample calculator to make checking the criteria easy.

To claim EWSS, you must self-declare to Revenue that you have experienced significant negative economic disruption due to COVID-19, with a minimum of 30% decline in turnover or customer orders over a 12 month period.

The review of turnover or orders should look at the period as whole, not individual months.

Eligibility review

On the last day of every month, you must complete a review to make sure you continue to meet the scheme’s eligibility criteria (remembering to at the period as a whole rather than on a monthly basis).

1. De-register for EWSS through ROS with effect from the 1st day of the next month
2. Stop claiming the subsidy

Please download our FREE excel calculator that has sample figures to show you how these calculations work.

Click below to download
You can also click below to find more information on the EWSS from our previous blog.

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