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Employer Alert!

Revenue have commenced Employment Wage Subsidy Scheme (EWSS) compliance checks.

Revenue is now issuing letters to employers with a 7 working day turnaround deadline to submit all the necessary documentation requested.

See below for a sample letter from Revenue

Employment Wage Subsidy Scheme


  1. Send in copy of payslips for a selection of staff.
  2. Provide details of who runs your payroll
  3. Copy of bank statements for the relevant periods.


If all compliance actions are not completed within the 7 day timeslot, Revenue have stated that they will be suspending all EWSS payments for the employer.

Is this fair?

This short timeframe being provided to employers will put additional pressure on those who are in the middle of reopening their businesses.

It is up to each employer to be aware of these letters being dropped into their ROS inbox and take the appropriate action.

Next Steps

Take action ASAP. The seven working days pass quickly.

Here at Solve we will be contacting our clients once the compliance letter has been received and assist in collating all the necessary data for submission to Revenue in a timely fashion.

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John Carolan ACMA, GCMA

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