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Here at Solve, we’re going Green!

When it comes to our environment, almost every business needs to concern itself with pollution and carbon emissions from travel, heating, and other sources. For some businesses who are working with physical products, then they can consider the use of natural resources, while primarily online businesses might focus on other things like energy consumption.

Sustainability will encompass our social responsibility and how we behave, treats our employees, and give back to the community.

Let’s go Green!

What are we doing in practical terms?

In our office, we have removed the old gas boiler and central heating system in favour of a smart electrical system heating system. This way we are only heating up the office area’s we need as we need them.

We have moved away from a local server room to using the Microsoft Azure platform that gives us the added advantage of being cloud based, more secure while reducing our electricity usage.

While face to face meeting is great, we are using virtual platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams are a great way to keep in contact and reduce the need for physical travel which impacts the environment.

Eliminate unnecessary paper – We are moving away from physical paper printing and filling lever arch folders. Using document management software and electronically storing documents is much more sustainable and also eliminates the need for transport/collection of files.

Recycle where possible – Green bins will be along side the traditional waste bine. If we can recycle it then “clean and put it in the green bin”.

Electric Vehicles – If you are interested in an electric vehicle and learning about the benefits for your company see our video that was recorded last year HERE. For up-to-date changes talk to your accountant or tax professional.

How can you help?

It’s all about little steps and thinking about our environment and what actions we can take individually and as a group to protect our planet and build a sustainable future.

For our clients, we are looking to see how we can support them and working together, on how to implement new green solutions.

Don’t try and do everything yourself …

Management Accounts

Looking to free up your time to do something more beneficial for your business?

Interested in finding out more about outsourcing your accounts? Check out our earlier blog that talks all about the risks and benefits of outsourcing your accounts.

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