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Hiring an Internal Accountant?

Why this won’t help reduce risk or increase profits in your business.


“Two heads are better than one.”

This is especially true if your business has grown to the point where your in-house bookkeeper isn’t enough, and hiring an in-house accountant seems like the next step. Often, the need for advanced bookkeeping and management accounting is not dealt with adequately by small and medium-sized businesses. If you already have an in-house bookkeeper, and your company is growing, inevitably you will reach the point when you require more robust accounting expertise.

By moving outside your own organization, you can tap into a wealth of expert knowledge and experience. You can access trained professionals who are used to working together and can provide synergies to the companies they service. Investing in such a partnership allows a growing business to integrate these outside services with in-house capabilities. Customized solutions offer better efficiency and are highly cost-effective.

Using technology to improve your business

Today, success for businesses depends not only on what a company does but how it’s done. When using cloud technologies, more effective processes and procedures have the opportunity to become much more efficient and cost-effective, while also reducing risk. Also, better information plays a key role in decision-making to help businesses increase profits and improve cash flow. Without a comprehensive accounting system, you will be operating your business in the financial dark and risk facing cash flow shortages, internal fraud, tax penalties, and possible failure.

If you leverage technology by implementing a robust bookkeeping and accounting system and optimizing it into a powerful financial operations engine, it will enable you to drive business growth. Business leaders are looking at their business strategy and need better information to make the correct business decisions. Using technology to automate, streamline and integrate as many steps of your company’s bookkeeping and accounting processes as possible will reduce your back-office burden immensely and improve your financial data. With cleaner, up to date financial information, you can track your company’s key performance indicators to perfect your business plan and improve and grow operations.


*Please note that this blog is for reference purposes and not issued as tax advice.

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