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New grant for small businesses is now open for applications

Applications for Phase 1 of the Small Business Assistance Scheme for COVID (SBASC) are now open. The applications should be made to your local authority and the closing date for receipt of applications is 21 April 2021. This will provide grants to businesses ineligible for the government’s other existing schemes designed to help with fixed costs.

SBASC gives grants to businesses who are not eligible for the Government’s COVID Restrictions Support Scheme (CRSS), the Fáilte Ireland Business Continuity grant, or other direct sectoral grant schemes.

Small Business Assistance Scheme for COVID (SBASC)

Your business may be eligible if you did not qualify for any of the following:

Government’s COVID Restrictions Support Scheme (CRSS)
Fáilte Ireland Business Continuity grant
Direct sectoral grant schemes

This scheme aims to help businesses with their fixed costs, for example, rent, utility bills, security.

The grant is a payment grant of €4,000 and is available for the first quarter of this year. A decision on payment for the second quarter of this year will be made in due course.

To qualify for the scheme, enterprises must have:

250 employees or less
Turnover of over €50,000
The turnover of the business over the claim period is estimated to be no more than 25% of 2019

The scheme will be run on a first-come-first-served basis.

Full details about the grant are available HERE.

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