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Wholesale and Retail is the largest sector in Ireland, employing over 250,000 people. It is a sector under pressure and due to an increasing movement towards online sales, these businesses must be streamlined.


For wholesalers, the key performance areas of their business are sales overheads, cash flow, stock control and managing customer credit.

Retailers deal with the consumer directly and are concerned about the spending power of the public, attracting people to their retail space and having the right stock at the right time.


Distribution is not just moving goods. It is now collecting and delivering throughout Europe and beyond and doing this in the most efficient manner using the most up to date technologies available.


At Solve, we concentrate on helping clients achieve their goals and removing problems. We do this by reducing client’s operational expenses, improving their cash flow, enabling better decision making and improved financial return.


Our approach is different because we work closely with our clients. We help them to achieve their goals by looking at their business from the inside looking out.

Our unique solutions help companies concentrate on what they do best and where suitable, outsource the non-core activities of the business.


Call us today for a free on site consultation and find out how we can help you grow your business.


Contract Flooring Supplies is a SME specialising in providing flooring solutions for the commercial building sector throughout Ireland. We work with many other small and large businesses to deliver a great end product to our customers. To drive efficiencies across our business we outsourced all our accounting requirements to SOLVE. They worked with us to put the correct systems in place to enable us to streamline our accounting processes and give us the time we needed to focus on our core business needs. Our experience with SOLVE has been extremely positive with greatly improved processes in place that benefit our team internally as well as our suppliers and customers. They are always on hand when we need them and continue to partner with us as we work to further develop and grow our business

Edmund Hyland Managing Director